Walkie Talkie Training

Thank you for being here! Please follow the four simple steps below to ensure you are confident to use your walkie talkie during ESF week.

At Nottingham, we will be located in the EMCC balcony

Watch the following YouTube video


Let’s take a closer look at the handset


Make sure you understand the following guidelines:


The walkie talkie you will be allocated is YOUR responsibility (they’re expensive!). Please do not give it to anyone else.

How to use:

  1. Make sure your earpiece is properly connected

  2. Ensure the volume is turned up

  3. Hold the PTT (press to talk) button for TWO seconds before you speak or your full message will not be transmitted


  1. Only use if you have to, think: keep the airway clear

  2. Only one person can talk at a time – do not interupt when another conversation is going on

  3. Always start your transmission with ‘<your name> to <their name> Over’. Get their attention and wait for them to respond before starting your conversation

  4. When you finished your sentence say “Over”, that way the other person knows they can speak

  5. When you have finished the entire conversation, end with “Out”

  6. Use control room if you need to communicate with someone from a different department – say “<your name> to Control, do you copy? Over”

  7. Please return to the Control Room every 9 hours to change your battery

Example conversation:

Rahim: "Rahim to Karima, over"

Karima: "Karima receiving, over"

Rahim: "It’s getting crowded in the entrance of the sportshall, we need two more volunteers here, over"

Karima: "Copy that, I’ll send them over now, thanks Rahim, Out"


  1. Ensure the volume is turned up

  2. Ensure the green light is flashing – it should stay green when you hold the PTT button

  3. Ensure your earpiece is properly attached to the handset

  4. Ensure that you are not accidentally pressing the PTT button

  5. Come to Control Room to change your battery (they last for 9 hours)

  6. If the problem persists come to Control Room

Please take one minute to complete this quiz so we can monitor who has completed the training and test you on a few of the basic principles above.